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Sic Bo Table Layout

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If you've been reading about Sic Bo for a while now and maybe you hit my Sic Bo Odds page or the How to Play Sic Bo page, you are probably wondering what a Sic Bo Table looks like, right? Well, that's why I've included this short page that shows you the Sic Bo table layout and where all the betting areas are located.

Below, you'll see the Sic Bo table layout from a normal online Sic Bo game. Keep in mind that the odds at the table you're playing may be different. Each casino has control over the odds they want to use at their Sic Bo tables, so you can't go by this image as showing the standard odds for all Sic Bo table layouts.

Sic Bo Table Layout

This is the page to refer to when you're reading my Sic Bo Odds page, because there, I've described all the types of bets, where they are on the table, and what the odds are. Now, don't forget that the odds shown on the above photo of the Sic Bo table, and the odds I discuss on my Odds page are not always what you'll find when you play Sic Bo.

Each and every Casino has the prerogative to place whatever odds they want on their Sic Bo tables. So you'll have to make sure that you do a good job of checking them out before you actually start playing.

I hope this has given you some good stuff to work with as you make your way along the road to becoming a pro at Sic Bo. Don’t forget to stay around and visit the rest of this site so you can get as much as you can from it. I’ve also got a Resources page, where I have a continuously updated list of the best Sic Bo sites, and lots of other online gambling resources for you to gather information from.

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